They say I love you


"I love you". This is perhaps the phrase that all women dream to hear, is not it? The beloved's declaration may take the relationship to another stage, and leave us much happier and more secure. But the belief that they are coming out in front by saying the magic words is not as certain as well. That's right! A survey found that in heterosexual relationships they who declare themselves first!

The study was published in "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology", Renowned publication on psychology. According to Dra.Laura Berman, who wrote the article in "Chicago Sun-Times", The motivations to put the feelings out are very different between men and women. While they tend to say I love you before sex, they prefer to wait.

"They offer intimacy, because they want sex, and she offers sex because she wants intimacy. Men often require sex to feel intimate with your partner, while women require the exact opposite"He said Laura told the newspaper.

According to two-thirds of couples ears in the research, the man was the first to declare, on average after only six weeks of relationship. Research shows that some signs of evolution of our society are determinates this process: while women seek a partner to create a family, the man often only seeks sex or a relationship without many pretensions.

So he would use the phrase to attract romantic partner, while she uses sex to lure him and waiting to talk "I love you" after the intimate moment. And you? Have you heard the long awaited phrase? Agree with the survey?

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