Home Remedy to combat hair loss

Home Remedy to combat hair loss

If there is one thing that does away with the mood of a person is to realize that their hair fall and fall and fall and do not cease to fall. Surely you must have woken up one day and seen several hair on the pillow, or when combing noticed that the amount of hair on the comb is frightening. If for us women is a nuisance for men is a threat; they are the ones who may suffer from baldness, and that's one of the things they fear most ...

This hair loss suffered by men is called alopecia and a situation is nothing favorable for both skin health and for social reasons that link up with the loss of self-esteem. The situation gets worse when it occurs in young people between 20 to 30 years.

But for you to stop worrying about baldness in OutraMedicina have any tips on how to do this lotion will help to combat hair loss.


1 liter of water

100 ml of wine vinegar

250 grams of fresh cut pieces in Ortigas

Step by step:

Boil all ingredients together; let boil after landing ½ hour and strain the liquid; then store it in the refrigerator.

Use this lotion twice a week as a lotion after bathing and you will see that the lost hair will be less and less.

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