8 ideas for not making too much noise during sex

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O noise at the time of sex can be one problem depending on where the couple is. Be prepared to intimate moments that require a little more silence It makes all the difference. See below 8 different ideas that can help make sex less noisy:

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# 1 Sex in the bath

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The water from the shower helps to muffle the sound and the standing position is one of the less make noise.

# 2 Standard Exit

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different positions can help. But the noise varies from couple to couple. The ideal is to test before the need.

# 3 Keep busy mouth

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Always be kissing or biting may be an alternative.

Set # 4 mouth gag

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For those who like to spice things up, can you use erotic objects, such as the gag.

# 5 Pillow mouth

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Can you bite a pillow or a blanket for the most modest.

# 6 Keep a dialogue in whispers

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For those who like to talk, can you speak softly, requiring a partner more attention.

# 7 Simultaneous Oral Sex

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With the mouth of the two occupied, it becomes harder to make noise.

Monitor breathing # 8

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Try holding your breath for short periods can help to not get so breathless.

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