Five tips to make nails stronger and prevent breakage

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Before passing the enamel on the nail, always apply a base coat. This simple measure can prevent some small glitches such as dehydration and smash, since the bases are responsible for allowing the protection of the nail plate. But the result is enhanced, some substances in these products can help a lot!

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fortified with vitamins are great bases to prevent brittle nails (Credits: Shutterstock)

"There are bases on the market that help in the treatment of nail fragile, they help recover that structure that is damaged", Says dermatologist Dr. Daher Hospital. Darleny Toledo.

According to expert, a component that assists hardening the nail It is formaldehyde. However, products containing this substance should be used for short periods due to the risk of intense dryness, peeling the bed and contact dermatitis.

"Other interesting components are those derived from silicon such as the Nonychosine that help to replenish essential elements of the nail. Biotin, which besides being used topically can also be used orally with good results"He says.

Tips for stronger nails

Base with cloves - "The clove is rich in essential oils, thus helping to moisturize and protect the damaged nail". It can be quite interesting to search for products enhanced with this element.

Horse's hoof - It is a popular line of nail polish strengtheners that needs some care before use. Always check the components of glaze and potential allergies from them.

What makes the weak nails? - One of the main causes of brittle nails is frequent contact with water and cleaning products. Another factor is frequently used enamel removers, mainly composed of acetone. In addition to some systemic diseases and deficiencies of vitamins.

How to strengthen? - Avoid frequent contact with water, soap and other chemicals. If possible, wear rubber gloves to perform household chores and always keep clean and short nails.

auxiliary products - Hydrate using nails creams (urea and ammonium lactate) or oils (almond, jojoba, malaleuca). The warm oil may increase hydration and flexibility of the board.

If you suffer from ingrown toenails, watch escape the problem.

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