exaggerated and uncontrolled hunger by eating are signs of dehydration; see other 7

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You are those who say never feel thirsty? It has a hell difficult to drink water during the day and always think you're okay? For know that many of the symptoms of dehydration may be hidden in other attitudes. And so, his lack of fluids, and especially water, goes unnoticed.

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In theory, a person weighing 70 kg should consume 2,450 ml of pure water per day. Or there is also the theory that to know the ideal amount of water to drink per day, simply multiply your weight by 35. That is, you need to drink 35 ml per 1 kg. However, consumption of other liquids (juices, smoothies, teas, shakes) does not replace the water, just complement each other.

The nutritionist Guy Clark, and renowned expert in the United States and mother of four daughters, still shares on your Instagram profile some useful information and recommendations for health. It describes, for example, some of the first symptoms of the dehydration. Stay attentive to some signs.

When your body is dehydrated, it is likely that you:

1. If you feel tired
With less booking fluids to stay active, the body goes into a state of lethargy to save efforts. When dehydrated, you can start to feel sleepy, headache, and tiredness.

2. Have difficulty of focus
For the same reasons, some less vital functions come in way of "Battery Saving". That is, to keep your metabolism working, maybe your attention is weighted.

3. Finish hungrier
To try to secure more energy reserves, and balance the deceleration of the body, your body will send messages that you have appetite.

4. Commit excesses
And, as your cells are starving and want everything to flow in perfect condition of health and life, so you get to eat they begin to stock everything. When in fact they only need more liquid to the exchanges were more efficient

mood symptoms dehydrationShutterstockCansaço, discouragement and lack of humor can all be effects of dehydration

5. Finish sulking
Tired, hungry or headache and without apparent reason, his mood ends acid. That's where a lot of people end up committing more excesses (food, alcohol or cigarettes, for example) to make up, as a way to reward, which ultimately further aggravating dehydration.

6. Feel excessive thirst
You say you never get the urge to drink water until, after many days without going to filter, has a seat absurd crisis and end up taking a whole liter of juice box. Watch out! The sugar and sodium contents of these products are daunting.

7. Fat Accumulate
One of the symptoms of dehydration, oddly enough, is the weight gain and the worst: as fat, basically. Some people think that drinking lots of water causes the body to retain fluid and swell, but after feeling more hungry, commit more over, have more bad mood, the greater accumulation of dehydration is fat.

8. impoverish your skin
Without hydration, your skin becomes impoverished and withered. The liquid produced in gross appearance, good texture, toughness, and healthy. Already a dehydrated skin ends up looking more shriveled and limp.

9. Weaken the immune
A body without sufficient fluids for the circulation and realization of all vital tasks, and less active, also ends up being less powerful and tough. Therefore, a dehydrated body also has its weaker immune system.

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