Australian Jurassic Park? Location hidden tracks 21 kinds of dinosaurs

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Traces of 21 species of dinosaurs have been found in Dampier Peninsula, in Western Australia, and led paleontologists from the University of Queensland dub the region "Jurassic Park Australian".

It is an "unprecedented breakthrough", according to scientists, since they represent four distinct groups of dinosaurs found in an area of ​​25 km.

This diversity of species was never found in another region of the world. "It's a magical place," described Steve Salisbury, study leader that mentions the discovery.

According to the researcher, this dinosaur fauna belongs to the Lower Cretaceous period, 145 million to 500 million years ago.

Types of dinosaurs found

Salisbury identified the characteristics of the types of dinosaurs found:

  • 5 different predators (Tyrannosauruses, for example);
  • 6 types of herbivorous sauropod long neck, ie those giant four legs with small head;
  • 4 types of bipedal herbivores ornithopods, slightly larger species that chickens that looked like lizards and fed on vegetables;
  • Plus 6 kinds of dinosaurs with carapace (the best known of them is the Ankylosaurus, giant quadruped with protective hull which was heavier than an elephant).

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Dinosaur unprecedented in Australia

The only species that the team was able to identify precisely the analysis of these tracks was the Stegosaurus, herbivore quadruped wearing the bone plate to stabilize the temperature of the body and defend.

It is the first record of this animal in the area of ​​Australia, something that has puzzled the scientific community, since, to date, Stegosaurus had only been found in América do Norte.

"Most dinosaur fossils come from the eastern side of the continent, and are dated between 115 million and 90 million years ago," said Salisbury, noting that the evidence found in Australia are even older animals.

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