Passion chemistry

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All the best to feel that thing inside us that chills the body. The look fulminates. The different hand grip the waist. The light touch and at the same time firm. The mouth that seems to undo any defense that might have. The perfect smell the body. The way, the kiss uncontrolled mind. Do these symptoms are pure chance, or there is something amazing that happens when we meet someone who mess with us, to the point of feeling out of control? True, there "chemistry" the passion?

Some people actually awaken more desires in us than others? Would only perfect beauty, the sculptural body that would make a man to approach a woman? The male muscles that cause a woman to challenge any obstacle to stand beside him? Or something incredible that leads to pleasant and overwhelming sense that, like a magnet, binds two people out of nowhere? Yeah ... An intense feeling for the look, the distinctive ring, seductive, that chills to the bone. The soft, wet kiss enough to make the body tremble with desejo.Seriam these the signs of the presence of "chemistry" between a couple?

The organism "used to it" with the effects of these substances and can become resistant to them. So the passion of madness loses a bit with the smallest action of these substances, and gradually decreases

Scholars say yes. This element is still so rapturous researched and indispensable for the beginning of a relationship. It is like the union of "spices" the body of one and the other, like the great chefs do for your customers delirem to taste their dishes. I once saw a movie in which the chef while serving their dishes led customers dancing on clouds. They were with the air of stupidity ... No control. So with the "chemistry" Passion. In fools become instantly when we're next to someone that makes us feel so anesthetized. And depending on the degree of alignment between the bodies, it is possible to see it on the first date. It is one thing to be nailed on the ground looking someone unable to disguise. Being as that held in place and can not turn your back on this one so disturbing, that stirs and chills our skin.

The researchers say that certain substances are responsible for this "chemistry"Such as dopamine, phenylethylamine and oxytocin. They are found in the human body especially during the first phase of the novel. But according to studies, the chemistry of passion has validity, may decrease with long association. The organism "used to it" with the effects of these substances and can become resistant to them. So the passion of madness loses a bit with the smallest action of these substances, and gradually decreases. But not everything is lost. We can intensify this "chemistry", Increasing it while it finishes. We often hear people say that they miss this early relationship and tasty with both "fire". also there "chemistry"! It will be crazy, talks about what you think, cross barriers before insurmountable. Hormones are the whole and how rampant lead us to do things then we gawk at the thought.

But as the relationship will be adjusting, stabilizing, love is coming and gives a "tidy" passion. And we miss that feeling of madness. Afraid, we return to the point, but as the "chemistry" balanced, it's necessary to use certain strategies to rekindle the flame. However, it is not that hard. A potion "chemistry", From time to time, it does not hurt anyone, on the contrary, will help a lot to feel again that chill that makes life again become delirious. So let lazy and try to be closer to the state of seduction and desire, of course, will cause delusions who is at his side. Start with these tricks:

powerful and full of tips "chemical" of passion:

- Do not let family, financial and work issues give an end to the passion. These issues can decrease the eroticism between the couple. Balance discussions and no endless conversations about the problems of day-to-day.

- Let transpire sentiments, which enables "chemistry" Passion. Contact the feelings you have when you're with your partner and the touch of his hands, mouth, body, cause you.

-Be creative: Leave the routine! Take him to the motel or even create on a home full of fantasies scene - candles, scented sheets, massage creams, erotic objects;

- Have sex in the car, in the elevator, on the steps where possible to warm up the relationship and raise the adrenaline that can be half "rested" and making too lacking in "chemistry" Passion.

- Be one "woman-geisha" - massage your partner with your feet, hands and body. All parts of the body have tact, so use it as a weapon of seduction. Do not forget the oils that heat the skin, they give a "plus" the massage.

- Dominate the relationship from time to time: take the surprise partner and turn it over "reverse" and no time to talk, begin to kiss him and touch him with passion. This move surprised and activates the adrenaline in the body, which will greatly help in feeling and desire to raise the temperature of "chemistry".

- Hold strong his hair as well as it does to you. He will be surprised and delivered the delight of times under your control. O "power" exerts a strong fascination among passionate.

- Prepare a dinner to awaken the five senses: food should be beautiful, have fascinating aroma and pleasant flavor. Awaken the senses is to put the body on alert to generate a special and delightful climate.

- Use aphrodisiac foods: Seafood They contain minerals that help in the formation of testosterone; chocolate: stimulating endorphin releasing property, causing a sensation of well-being. Snacks in places strategic body: taste them causes pleasure both. Among them, the champions are: peanut - vasodilation contributes to blood, so it is related to increased libido and sex drive. spicy seasonings peppery - with physiological effects such as elevated heart rate and sweating, similar to reactions experienced during sex. Chocolate sauce or whipped cream - "creams" Erotic elected as the most used by lovers.

Be creative! Maybe just as "chemistry" that is awake is crazier ainda.Ou one that has been dormant raises pleasure ...

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