rosa branca Tea: anti-inflammatory action and disinfectant

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In the skin, the rosa branca is used with aphrodisiac purpose and even to leave the most fragrant skin after bathing. In addition to cleaning and having relaxing effect, the tea can also be ingested and acts as soothing, relieves sore throats, bronchitis and functions as urinary tract disinfectant, with anti-inflammatory property.

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The rosa branca has no side effects and can also be used to treat eye infections such as conjunctivitis. The correct is drunk gauze in the solution and support in the eye region, but the ideal is to confirm with the doctor before taking the idea at home and do not fail to make the proper treatment.

How to make tea

To prepare the tea, place 10 g of rose petals and seed in 500 ml of hot water. Bring to a boil and rest for consumption.

Tea for conjunctivitis

In this case, add the petals of roses in clean water and soak for about ten minutes. Then just make a compress.

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