Learn about the most common fetishes among men during sex

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Note: This field contains sexual content and is not suitable for children under 18 years

Know exactly what you want your partner is in bed early in the relationship is not always an easy task, since the preferences often become more explicit in accordance with the development of the relationship, when both now have more security, releasing inhibitions. But, according to a list compiled by the magazine's website "shape"It is possible to meet some of most common fetishes among men during sex. Check examples:

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1. Foot fetish: the attraction is a classic and the region can, in fact, be a stimulating erogenous zone for both. Kisses, caresses, massages and licks can be part of foreplay or even during sex.

2. fetish breasts / buttocks: in Brazil, we know that national preference usually focuses on female buttocks, but many men also love to focus attention and caresses her breasts. Figure out what your partner wants most is the passport to invest in seduction.

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3. fetish lingerie: Men are very visual during sex, so do not come as a surprise to learn that a thong or a garter belt, for example, can be much more exciting to them than the full nudity companion.

4. Exhibitionism and voyeurism: having sex in a public place or have the feeling spy a busted can be quite exciting for them. The couple can even bet on the fetish without risk by, for example, create situations and games that simulate the explicit act.

5. Sadomasochism: not always the pain and humiliation must be present in the most daring practice. Playing with whip, handcuffs and masks can be a good option to make the fetish without anyone skirt attacked or offended sexual game.

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