Model loses weight 20 kg in 2 months with 3 tricks and three cuts in food

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After being considered the first plus size to participate in the Miss Butt, the model July Bittencourt decided to reverse the title and lose weight fast, by the end of 2014. She entered the contest dispute with 83 kg and wants to reach 56 kg by November. And the effort is working: she dried 20 kg in just two months and is now weighing 63kg. All this, betting on a diet that has three tricks and three cuts in food.

The blonde 28 years has suffered from anorexia for 23 and was very thin, reaching impressionanetes weigh 46 kg. Therapy help, she recovered from the disease and gained weight. However, she believes that the measures were exaggerated and decided to lose a few kilos again. But now will ensure you are doing everything without follies and medical care and personal trainer.

miss butt to lost weightPlayback / Personal Archive, Miss Butt and Marcos Serra Lima / EgoMiss Butt Pará has had anorexia, then gained weight and now want to lose weight

fast diet

To lose weight in a short time, she spends the entire day based salad, sweet potato and egg white. This restricted menu features sources of vitamins (coming from leaves and vegetables), good carbohydrates (sweet potatoes) and protein (egg white). As well as mesh, July told the Ego which also chooses to strengthen the food with some protein shake to boost lean mass gain.

What is forbidden: sugar, frying and pasta. These three foods were cut completely from the power of Miss Butt Pará so that it leaves the dummy 46 he wore at the start of the national competition and get to 38.

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