9 romantic moments ever think we see between Sheldon and Amy Cooper Farrah Fowler

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Who said that loving relationships should be simple? Surely we are not very used to seeing couples as Sheldon and Amy. A relationship that many did not believe possible, but that gave us great laughs watching "The Big Bang Theory."

This is the least spontaneous and romantic couple of the TV. And until they have their romantic moments:

9 - First meeting

All couples, even those who are more successful than Sheldon and Amy, do not usually have good beginnings. Generally usually go wrong, or at least comes out something strange. And sometimes something happens that proves that this relationship can go further. Is there any better proof than the first meeting between the two characters?

8 - Romanticism in film

This is a cliché scene both in film and on television. It's a classic see the guy tries to do something, approach the woman as the two watch something like a horror movie. In this case, it is clear that to embrace Amy Sheldon would contact other tax authorities, and of course kiss was not going to leave. But he rolled a given hand. Pure romanticism.

7 - Double winner prom

Remember when Sheldon said he did not dance at all? Well, that changed after the "Love" with Amy. Although completely unhinged, Sheldon shows his swing, led by Amy.

6 - Scene "almost alone '

The first meeting is always important to know if the person interested in. And so the meeting can now determine an end point in the relationship. Do you remember the first meeting between Sheldon and Amy, with Penny? Yes, Penny had to participate. Nobody toparia a thing. But Sheldon worked.

5 - A pat

In fact it is not a romantic moment, but who was not amused when he saw? A time not very common among couples, even though this is very personal, intimate. Note that it is just one more demonstration (or attempt to) affection and tenderness by Sheldon.

4 - doctor Play

All couples often have their fantasies and sexual games. What no one knew was that Sheldon has his own game too ...

3 - Agreement between the parties

Sheldon, as we all know, is an extremely meticulous and rational character. We may not remember all the processes and steps that use to their experiments, but its agreement with Amy is unforgettable. He prepared a document to set limits and rules for their relationship.

2 - The Big Kiss

Perhaps this is the best memory we have of both, not only because it is a kiss, but the dialogue and scene are incredible. Sheldon imagined this situation? Of course not, but it all starts with a discussion and ends in a real kiss, it would be trivial for most couples, but it is a great challenge for both. But that's what happens to Amy's romanticism.

1 - I love you

It is not necessary to explain why it is an unforgettable moment, right?

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