Green coffee thins up to 7 kilos. Understand the secret

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O green coffee (Coffea canephora) is nothing more, nothing less, than the grain of coffee, only without going through the roasting process. It comes packed with benefits and maintains its natural properties because it is not as crisp black coffee. Find out what is the secret of green coffee and its benefits!

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What is Green Coffee?

The secret grain fresh and chlorogenic acid present in larger twice concentrations than in the roasted coffee, which decreases the absorption of glucose and participates in the metabolism of sugars by inhibiting the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase responsible for the release of sugars the liver into the bloodstream. That is, it is the biggest culprit to reduce the absorption of sugar by the body and make the body look for new sources of energy, such as fat.

Not to mention that caffeine, which is also present, speeds up metabolism and turbine energy expenditure. "Studies have shown that it keeps glucose levels and reduces the accumulation of fat in cells, especially in the abdominal area"Tells the functional nutritionist Carolina Baccei of São Paulo.

Burn Body Fat

Research presented at the American Chemical Society analyzed 16 obese and overweight volunteers. Part took 700-1050 mg of green coffee bean extract and the other not. In 22 weeks, the result pleased: he reduced 16% body fat, decreases 10% of the total weight and thinned about 7 kg who entered the diet.

Good for the skin, good for your breath away!

By virtue of having antioxidant action, its benefits may also reflect on the skin. A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology showed that antioxidants from plants, including coffee, can help protect against UVA and consequently against aging.

Restrictions and care

People with insomnia, headaches, gastritis and ulcers should avoid it. Other groups that need to think twice before playing in coffee are pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with heart problems. "Due to their composition, food can increase the magnitude of the problem, causing, for example, tachycardia", Explains the nutritionist.

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