14 expressions nonsense you speak without realizing

cover 3Credit: Bolsa de Mulher

In our society, many of our prejudices are internalized and how we communicate this evidence. racist, sexist and xenophobic expressions are used constantly without any questioning. In addition to being offensive to many people, the spread reinforces prejudices.

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deny yourCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

racist expression used to say "Not with me". That is, with all the black can, not me.

Black serviceCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

But that black service that you did, ein". Used to say that someone played a certain task the wrong way, the expression is extremely racist as it combines the work of black to something bad.

Standing in the kitchenCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

Phrase used to say that a person has black origin, it is highly racist and originated in slavery period, when black women could stay only in the kitchen of the house of the bosses.

about womanCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

All women should be respected, independent of the choices they make. Therefore, they are all women of respect.

White envyCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

The white envy is seen as positive by inducing what is black is negative.

homosexualityCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

The correct term is homosexuality. The suffix "ism" It is used to refer to diseases and sexual orientation is not a disease.

white dayCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

Let's sleep because tomorrow is white day". Usually used to designate the Monday or a day that requires a lot of work, otherwise the meaning of the expression can induce that blacks are bums. Since slavery this population is seen as lazy and scoundrels who consistently make soft body.

denigrateCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

Word that originally meant become black, however, is used to say about defamation.

color of sinCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

racist expression commonly used to "praise" black women that puts them at hiperssexualizado paper.

black thingCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

Expression used to refer to difficult situations. While it may refer the darkness, the negative, the term can also be considered racist.

thing little womanCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

macho expression that diminishes women's issues.

frizzy hairCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

Expressions used to characterize curly hair. Racist, they permeate the negative notion of these hairs.

boring of headCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

biased term used to address the Northeast, especially Cearenses.

baianiceCredit: Bolsa de Mulher

Term used to say that something was done muddled way that demonstrates a huge regional prejudice.

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